I helped Kickstart a book…with a donkey.

Way back in December 2013, I stumbled across a Kickstarter project that instantly appealed to me. In an introductory video, an enthusiastic young writer Hannah Engelkamp, had walked over 1000 miles around the newly opened pathways that circle the whole of Wales…with a donkey! Her Kickstarter campaign was setup to raise the funds to write and publish a book, as well as produce a film about her walking adventure…with a donkey (yes, it begs questioning if any sensible person would put their trust and money into a project inspired by a possible nut-job?!?).
Anyways, I instantly took a liking to this crazy girl on the video and decided to back the project to receive a copy of the ebook and film upon completion.

After a couple of years had past (during which time I had now perfected the art of patience), the book and film of the adventure were finally wrapped and available to download. And it was worth the wait, (kudos to Hannah, for keeping her supporters in the loop throughout the project via social media).

I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys adventure, travel or Tolkien* books, to buy a copy of ‘Seaside Donkey’ by Hannah Engelkamp, (infact I recommend anyone who enjoys good humour and a well written book to get a copy, it really is brilliant!). Also check out the high quality accompanying film, which is expertly shot, presented and edited. Visit Amazon, to purchase the book in all its formats, and the film to rent or download.


Its such an epic journey it has Parts!

Epilogue (ok this is only a blogpost, but Im talking literature people!).

Im chuffed that my small financial pledge helped make this book and film possible. Hannah has written an excellent account of her adventure, sharing candidly the highs and the many lows that she endured during her walk around Wales. Who knew, that those docile seaside donkeys of our childhood holiday rides could be such stubborn ol buggers, (how she didn’t sell him to a glue factory mid-walk, is mind boggling?).

Check out her already crowdfunded campaign and video in the link below, to meet Hannah and Chico the donkey. And buy her book, its mandatory summertime reading!

*The similarities with Tolkien books is stretching it a bit, although the adventure does cover a lot of landscapes, albeit…with a donkey!

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