My mobile shower setup.

Fellow van-dwellers Melony & Armando, over at , posted an article today on how they keep clean living in a van. They asked their readers for feedback and tips on how we keep clean, so I thought I would share my story using the magic of song and dance, (unfortunately budget is low, so words and photos it is, booo!).

Anyhows, heres my mobile shower setup, based on an idea that Decathlon sports shop sells for double the price!


At a garden supplies shop I bought a simple pesticide pump action spray bottle kit for 18 euros. The supplied spray gun only sprayed mist, so I needed to purchase something with more power for showering and cleaning dishes.

At a Leroy Merlin DIY store, I bought a garden hose gun with 5 spray positions (shower, mist, soaker, flat, jet) and a hose adapter (2 euros) to connect the new gun to the pesticide bottles hose pipe.


And voila, with a few hand pumps(!) to put pressure in the bottle, I have a mobile shower!
It can be transported wherever I want to use it, so its especially handy when I need to wash my dog Babu, who shakes water everywhere!

If left outside in the sun the water heats up pretty quickly, so I havent felt the need to paint the bottle black to attract the suns rays.

The bottle can only carry 5 litres of water, but thats more than enough for a decent shower and I generally use less than 3 litres. Along with my eco shampoo from Decathlon, my shower setup is water efficient and environmentally friendly!

In the van I keep the bottle wedged between the sink unit and the drivers seat, secured by bungee straps for easy removal. I now use this setup for washing dishes, instead of using the kitchen tap which needs the tank filling below the van (something Ive avoided as I dont want to carry unnecessary weight whilst driving).


So thats my home shower setup. It works for me, but to be honest I generally use the free showers on the beaches, even during winter – coz thats how I roll!

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