A touch of grass

Todays blogpost is all about fake grass. I love it! Years ago I covered my bedroom floor with synthetic grass, giving my city apartment room a feeling of being within nature, albeit artificial.
Nothing quite cheers up the senses like greenery, even if its industrial astroturf or faux house plants. Depressed? Go for a walk in a green forest or practice dogging!


My campervan floor was in need of such greenery. The standard Westfalia floor vinyl is a dull grey, enough to bore away even the most adventurous of cockroaches. It had to get covered and hidden from view!


Before and after

I was originally given some cheap plastic grass to cover my van floor, but the snob in me knew I wouldnt be happy until I bought myself the premium deluxe synthetic grass, revered highly by connoisseurs that only exist in my own imagination.

Anyways, my campervan floor now looks like a well tendered oriental garden and I giggle like a Geisha every time my toes melt into the soft fibers of premium plastic blades of grass.

Ive also covered the front dashboard, so I can run my fingers through it whilst I drive (its very soothing lol!).

Maybe one day I will go the whole hog and astroturf my campervan like this vehicle below?


The stuff of what wet dreams are made of!


Zooming in from the last photo…Fran & Chemi,¬†immortalised forever on their fathers fruit & veg business (I bet they squirm as teenagers?!?).

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