Keeping fit & eating healthy


With the start of a new year approaching, I decided it was time to get my butt back into the gym and tone up. Im not happy with my appearance and my midsection hangs over my pants, so I gotta sort that shit out!
I started going to the gym mid October, as I dont want to be ‘that guy’ who pays for a subscription at the start of the new year and then bails out two months later! Its also wintertime, so if the weather is miserable I can shower at the gym under hot water instead of the beach, yay!
The gym I decided to join is a walk from my favourite parking spot and is pretty well equipped. It has glass doors that open out to an occean view terrace, so I can leave Babu outside gnawing on a bone whilst I train for an hour.

With gym training comes diet. I spend heaps of time browsing the internet for food ideas, especially meals apt for vanlife and non-animal sources of protein.
Im not veggo, nor would I label myself anything other than someone who eats consciously, but I prefer to get the bulk of my protein from a plant based diet. Some will applaud my decision, whilst others will roll their eyes, but theres good reasons to ditch the meat when living vanlife…

1. Fresh or cooked meat needs a fridge, (mine died and costs 850€ to replace, something I cant really afford right now).
2. Cooking meat stinks the van out, something I don’t like.
3. Buying meat is expensive unless you buy in bulk, something I dont want to do.
4. Eating dead animals moments after staring into the eyes of my furry animal companion, is something Im presently at odds with.

Buying, storing, preparing, eating AND cleaning up after a plant based diet is a breeze in comparison to messing with meat or cooking smelly fish.

Check out this educational book thats soon to be crowd funded on Kickatarter.

Check out this educational book thats soon to be crowd funded on Kickstarter.

Ditching meat means I need alternative protein sources, so I buy jars of beans, garbanzos, lentils, cartons of soy or almond milk, bags of quinoa, oats, rice, nuts, chia and pumpkin seeds, and free-range eggs from rescued factory hens.
I do crack open a tin of sardines or tuna when I need an occasional meat hit, but I have still to meet a fish that I would want to cuddle (unlike our four legged friends), so they stay on the menu for now, (sorry fish).

All of the aforementioned food stuffs can be stored in cupboards with super long expiry dates (unlike their meat counterparts), so Ive unwittingly got plenty of supplies for the approaching zombie apocalypse!
The rest of my diet includes fresh and dried fruit, fresh or frozen veg, rice, pasta, tortilla wraps, and shed loads of hummus!
Eating a plant based diet means Im finally consuming my recommended daily fruit n veg, something that I rarely achieved before vanlife. Winning!


As of the 1st of January 2017, I will be taking part in Veganuary! Its a worldwide event that encourages participants to try a vegan diet for one month. For me, going vegan for 31 days should be pretty easy with my current eating habits, although Im gonna miss my weekly sushi outings, eekk!
Anyways Im excited to be a part of this challenge, for ethical reasons and for a healthier vanlife :@)

Side note: Im fully aware of meats in tin cans like corned beef, Spam, hotdogs and the infamous ‘chicken in a can’ (that does not exist in Europe?), but I will give those a miss. I would also like to mention that my dog eats meat from a can, but he’s far too greedy to share it with me, lol!

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