About this blog

Hola, Im Xeph, and like anyone out there who can sneeze, I gotta write a blog about it and share it with the world! Im not intending to appear on any top 100 list of most influential bloggers, but I do hope some of my posts can be of help or entertainment to anyone who is interested or considering a van dwelling lifestyle.

So whats this guy gonna blog about?

Its a blog about my adventures here on the island of Gran Canaria, with my new rescue dog Babu, my venture into van dwelling, my attempts at a more frugal approach to living, and info on food, gear and tech stuff on the road.

Is this guy nuts to give up the modern comforts of a house to live in a vehicle?

The majority of people would say yes, but there is a massive community here online who live this way by choice, (although others unfortunately not by choice due to finances, health, or family problems).
Van dwellers are people of all ages, nationalities, singles, couples, families with children, and others with pets. Everyone has different reasons for choosing to live in a vehicle, but many do it to live cheaply, travel, pursue adventures, escape the rat race, retire, or they just love living outdoors!

Where is this guy gonna toilet and shower?

The first question everyone asks! I live in a tourist village with public toilets everywhere, open from early morning until late at night. Most of the toilets are free, whilst others cost 50 cents. Showers facilities can be had at some beach resorts for 1€. Sea water is also a good way to clean the body, and I can rinse off under one of the free fresh water showers dotted along the beaches.
I will eventually join a gym for 20€ a month so I can get warm showers during the colder months and the opportunity to get ripped!

Whats this guy going to achieve?

Probably nothing worthy of a nobel prize, as I intend taking life real easy! Ive been working way too much the last couple of years and I burned myself out (I was sitting in a hospital bed as I wrote this, more about that in a future post).
I want to live a more simplistic life with minimal belongings, and leave behind the trappings of rent and bills that come with a house. My goal is to live as comfortable as possible for less money, less waste, and more in tune with nature (up with the sun, sleep when its dark, forage from the land, and leaves to wipe my butt, lol!).

I also want to get my creative mojo back (I lost it some time ago, when life became routine). With a mobile lifestyle, Im sure to meet new people and see things that will inspire me to be productive again. To write posts, film and photograph for this blog. Learn guitar and sing (God help you!), and maybe find a craft that could earn me cash if I hit the road traveling again?

So what vehicle is this guy going to live in?

Im the new owner of a secondhand VW California Westfalia T4! Its not the biggest of vans, but its plenty big enough for me and my dog, all my gear, and it has a comfy bed to crash out in!


So thats a quick introduction about this blog. I will go into more details in future posts, covering the van, my gear, wild camping (boondocking), our adventures on the island, and how to treat bum rash from poisonous leaves!