About Babu

I first saw photos of ‘Deefa’, the 2 year old mixed Terrier breed dog on the facebook page Pet Pals GC, a local charity that rescues abandoned pets from the islands death row pound. Louise, the British women who runs the project, promotes the animals online in the hope of finding them forever homes, or foster families.

During my first 3 years in Gran Canaria, I was regularly checking out the rescued dogs online, looking at all the small sized scruffy mongrels. I have always wanted to adopt a dog as they make perfect companions, love unconditionally, and are great to cuddle.

I had only seen photos of ‘Deefa’ online, but he looked super cute, happy, and at 7 kilos is the perfect size if I need to pop him in a bag and ride my motorbike. I made arrangements with the women who rescued ‘Deefa’, to bring him to one of her monthly Dog Days, (an event for the rescued dogs to meet potential families). I made it clear I would only foster him initially, just incase I had an allergy to his hair like I do with cats, and I took one weeks break from work so we could connect.
Fortunately when we met, he just felt right. I didnt fuss stupidly over him, I squatted down speaking softly and let him sniff my hands. Then I took him for a little walk, and joined my friend and his rescued dog for a quiet bite to eat. ‘Deefa’ sat down by my feet like a good boy, very relaxed, and I stroked his little furry head.
I couldnt wait to share my exciting news on facebook, and within an hour of having ‘Deefa’, he was now renamed Babu! (the name popped into my head and a Google search gave the meaning, small precious one. Perfect!).

After just one week fostering, I officially adopted Babu. His birthday is November 30th and we will celebrate with ice-cream on the beach.


I love him so much! He is great company, fantastic on a lead, and the most chilled out dog Ive ever met. Im so lucky, as we have no idea what happened to him before the dog pound?

Anyways, I look forward to sharing my life and adventures with my new buddy, Babu!


Please check out Pet Pals GC on facebook, and consider a little donation to help Louise continue her fantastic work.

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