About Xeph


Born in 1975 to Mum and Dad Grand, I grew up in a small country village, east of England. As a young boy I went on bike rides with my older brother, made camps in forests, and was a bit of a pyromaniac! At school I was a creative child who enjoyed art, music and dance, but academic studies went straight over my head. I had special reading and writing classes until I was 10 years old, and my parents had to teach me maths from home as I struggled to understand numbers.
In my teen years, I started hanging out with the cool kids, skipping classes, and the school education curriculum became my nemesis. I did however, sit my final year exams, and it came as no surprise that my results were high in creative subjects and very low in academics*

Finishing school at 16 years of age and still living at home, I was told to get a job by my parents (rent had to be paid on my part, and I was a lazy bum). I eventually got a job at the local chicken factory (where all the losers who failed school ended up), and spent 1 year earning my first proper wage and smelling like roast chicken! (Incidentally, I ended up working with two of my best friends from school, losers reunited!).

I was 17 years old when I first left home and hitchhiked around France. I traveled with a small backpack consisting of a change of clothes, a sleeping bag, a map of France, phrase book, and the tools and ingredients to gorge on pancakes. I was living the teenage dream of no responsibilities, adventures, partying, and skipping showers!

I caught the travel bug, and spent the following two summers hitchhiking around Europe, a year in Ireland caravanning on a hippy commune, 15 years living in Majorca, and 2 years hanging out along the east coast of Australia.

In October 2011, I grabbed my trusty backpack again and bought a one way ticket to Gran Canaria, with the idea to start a new life. After 3 days, I had new friends, a job as a barman, and a room in a villa living with performing drag queens!

I have always dreamed of living a simplistic life in a vehicle, so I got really excited when I saw so many motorhomes, campers, and surf vans around the island! Its an accepted lifestyle here, so I hatched a plan to save up the money and buy my very own home on wheels.

Fuelled by sunshine, nature, music, culture, internet, photography, and an aim to live more frugally, Gran Canaria is the perfect environment to cultivate all that fun stuff, and live the van life doing it!

*I am now self taught and fluent in Spanish, my written English is pretty good, on my travels I learn History and Geography, and I finally have a good grasp of Math! I guess school just wasn’t the right time or place for my education?

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